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  • Guitarra Acústica: Masayoshi Furukawa
  • Sintetizador: Keishi Urata


Perfect World


Perfect World

* None is just where one pretends and won...ders
Counting for a perfect world to

One can be a word that counts as lonely
Two can be as lonely as each can be
Searching and pretending
As we wander through this world
Can we ever know
Where hearts go

Three is ever perfect just as clear minds
Four till nine is given to one who finds
Searching and pretending we'll never know
Can't we say hello

Do we still just look to counting
Until we face each mountain
Worlds make such a part With love
For we know all what accounts
Just show just announce

** If we add the fractions
To the simple answer
Then each love will figure
To one perfect world

* repetir
** repetir
* repetir dos veces


Perfect World

Perfect World

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