RomajisMaaya Sakamoto
BornMarch 31, 1980
OriginItabashi, Tokyo, Japan
OccupationSinger, lyricist
LabelFlying Dog
URLOfficial website

Maaya Sakamoto is a Japanese singer and lyricist.

Collaboration with Yoko Kanno Edit

She made her debut in 1996, after being chosen by Yoko Kanno to do the voice of the main character of Vision of Escaflowne and to sing its opening and insert songs. This collaboration lasted until her fifth album which has no songs composed by Yoko Kanno. However, 6 years later, they collaborated again for Triangler, the opening theme song of the TV animation show Macross Frontier.

Maaya typically writes her own Japanese lyrics but occasionally uses lyrics written by or in collaboration with others. Frequent collaborators include Yuuho Iwasato for Japanese songs and Tim Jensen for English songs. She also wrote lyrics with Gabriela Robin for some of Megumi Nakajima's songs. Lyricist Chris Mosdell, well known in Japan particularly for his association with Yellow Magic Orchestra, has also written lyrics for her, including Kingfisher Girl on Shonen Alice and Another Grey Day in the Big Blue World on Easy Listening.

She participated in both 2006 Seoul and 2009 Super Dimensional Star Festival Sonic concerts organized by Yoko Kanno as one of the main singers, performing her most famous animation songs.

Works Edit

5 tracks listed on the wiki

Albums Edit

  1. Grapefruit (1997)
  2. Dive (1998)
  3. Lucy (2001)
  4. Shōnen Alice (2003)
  5. Yuunagi Loop (2005)
  6. Kazeyomi (2009)

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