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Gabriela Robin
BornEternally 16 years old
OccupationLyricist, vocalist
Years active1986–present

Gabriela Robin is a mysterious singer and lyricist, credited on many songs composed and arranged by Yoko Kanno.


She has always worked with Yoko Kanno, writing lyrics or performing main or backing vocals in many of her songs.

The only other artist she has ever worked with is Hajime Mizoguchi, when he was married to Yoko Kanno. She wrote the lyrics and performed the vocals of the first part of Grace ~ Jinroh -Main Theme- ~ Omega from Jin-Roh and of Shadows and Light from Hajime Mizoguchi's personal album Aqua Colors in Paris.


Her very characteristic is to often write lyrics in a specific language she seems to be the only one capable of translate. She almost never sung a single song in another language, though some words in her songs are sometimes in English. But recently, she performed Neko no Kimochi (demo version) in Japanese on the Space Bio Charge album.

Real identity[]

Yoko Kanno during the Super Dimensional Star Festival Sonic rehearsals in Japan, in the same bear disguise Gabriela Robin was shot with.

She has long been rumored to be Yoko Kanno's pseudonym, as well as Mou Sukoshi seems to be. However, her true identity was unveiled in the Super Dimensional Star Festival Sonic brochure in July 7, 2009. She gave an interview where she stated that she was going to sing in front of an audience for the first time, and on top of that, a blur and dark picture of her was shown, but that picture was clearly another picture of Yoko Kanno in a bear disguise printed in the same brochure:

GabrielaRobin.png でも今年に入って星が巡り、時の輪が接したことを感じて、みなさんの前に出て歌うこと、つまりはみなさんと波動を共有することに決めたの。

But this year I began to feel the stars are set and the wheels of time are linked, which made me decide to sing in front of you, so we share the undulation.

(Super Dimensional Star Festival Sonic brochure, Interview with Gabriela Robin, p. 22-23)

And effectively, at the end of the concert, Yoko Kanno, after conducting the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra performing End Title Nostalgia, turned to the audience and sang Moon from Turn A Gundam.

However Yoko Kanno has still not said anything explicitly.


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